The Nourish Logo
The beach is my happy place.  There is something so refreshing and renewing about being around water, feeling the warmth of the sun, and embracing a life that encourages simplicity.  With play therapy, many children discover their voice and get back to their happy place. 

The Sun
Yellow is for happy!
Discovering our voice is a process that happens when we look inward.  Sometimes what we find inside is not happy at all.  So we learn to balance the parts of ourselves that feel sad, scared, and hurt with the parts of us that feel happy, joy, and relaxed.  The therapeutic process is an ongoing journey.  We go inward and outward and back and forth until we find a balance that leaves us peaceful. 

The Waves
Blue is for calm!
Life is full of ups and downs.  After all, like Dr. Seuss says, Life is a Balancing Act!  At Nourish Play Therapy, we help our clients dig deep to get to (and through) the tough stuff and together, we contain all that stuff in the play room.  Containment is a vital piece of therapy and happens in different ways.  The play therapy room is a safe “container” for clients to express their thoughts and feelings and try out new ways of coping.