The play therapy and therapeutic relationship fosters a deep and nonjudgmental acceptance of the client and honors the transformative and healing potential within. 

NOURISH: to provide with substances necessary for life and growth;

to foster the development of; to keep alive, maintain

At Nourish Play Therapy, we are committed to providing evidenced-based therapeutic interventions to promote social and emotional wellness of children and their families.  Play therapy can help heal the burden of anxiety, depression, grief & loss, adhd, divorce and separation, autism, traumatic experiences, developmental delays, school adjustment, social skills, and more for children of all ages. 

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Our Address is:

 5510 Abrams Rd. Suite 118

Dallas, TX 75214

We are located in the heart of East Dallas, Lakewood & Lake Highlands, and just minutes away from Park Cities.

Our office is in suite 118 of the Abrams Professional Building just north of Dan D. Rogers Elementary School.