EMDR Therapy

Antoinette is a certified EMDR Therapist and has implemented EMDR Therapy with children as young as two years old, teens, and adults.  EMDR Therapy can help to heal, process, and integrate past traumatic events.  Antoinette works with children of all ages to help with emotional and behavioral regulation.  Part of the process in teaching children how to feel calm and settled is to teach them effective coping skills, feelings identification, deep breathing, how to ask for help, and much more!!  Please call Antoinette for more information or to schedule a consultation (214-208-7469).

What Does EMDR Therapy Do?
When we have disturbing things that happen to us, we have many mixed-up feelings and many mixed-up thoughts. We do not feel good in our minds, bodies, and hearts. It is like carrying bags of mixed-up stuff. When we are so busy carrying all these bags, we do not have space in our hearts, minds, and bodies for the good feelings and thoughts. EMDR can help by making those bags smaller or even get rid of them so we will have space for the good feelings and the good thoughts. Grown- ups have a rather complicated name for EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing but Ana Gomez, an expert in EMDR Therapy, came up with a cool name for kids: Eyes Moving to Digest and Recover!!

How Does EMDR Therapy Work?
When kids receive EMDR, one of the things they do is move their eyes from one side to another while they think about the disturbing or yucky things that happened to them. Most kids don’t know this, but they actually do this every night….yes kids move their eyes every night while they are asleep and are having dreams. Grown-ups call this Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep cycle. Ana Gomez calls this the “eyes dancing in the night.” EMDR trained therapists can also do other things instead of eye movement. They can tap your hands or knees back and forth or they can use sounds or music that move from one ear to the other.   

Healing With EMDR Therapy!
When disturbing or yucky things happen, the brain has a hard time putting all the pieces together and as a result, things that people say or do or things that we see, hear, smell or touch can bring up the disturbing or yucky memories, the mixed-up thoughts, feelings and body feelings connected to those yucky things. EMDR helps the brain put all the pieces together so the disturbing or yucky stuff can leave us and the good stuff or the things we learned from it can stay so we get stronger. Then, the brain can chew up and digest all the mixed-up feelings and thoughts as well as the disturbing or yucky feelings we may have in the body.

(This is an excerpt from Ana Gomez’s website and book: EMDR Therapy and Adjunct Approaches with Children: Complex Trauma, Attachment and Dissociation.)