At Nourish Play Therapy, in conjunction with traditional talk therapy, trauma counseling, and play therapy, we are trained to integrate a variety of therapeutic methods for all ages to facilitate healing and growth in the most effective way.  Some of the types of evidenced based practices we are trained in at Nourish are: expressive arts therapy, SandPlay therapy, Teen Activity therapy, and Group therapy.

Teen Activity Therapy

We know that teens cherish their individuality, their own space, and their freedom.  For teens, sometimes it feels hard to talk about tough stuff.  We offer a wide variety of activities to facilitate empowering conversations, emotional regulation, and creative goal setting.

Counseling for All Ages

SandPlay Therapy

SandPlay Therapy is a deeply therapeutic method of healing, expression, and trauma recovery.  Sand helps to heal the mind, body, and soul by providing an experience that allows sensory integration with balanced thoughts and feelings. 

Expressive ArtsTherapy

For individuals of all ages, art therapy helps with the expression of thoughts and feelings.  Sometimes things happen or situations arise that words cannot explain. Art therapy allows the individual to release the buildup of mixed-up or confusing thoughts and feelings to allow room for new and creative ways of thinking and seeing the world.