Adult Therapy

At Nourish Play Therapy, we know that life in a high tech world can leave little room for play, art, and personal development.  We know that the process of healing and growing requires an effective therapist who is compassionate, non-judgmental,  and understanding.  We also take into consideration that problems exist in a multi-layered dimension.  We work with each of our clients to understand personality, cultural values, genetics, the role of religion and spirituality, and inter-generational family systems.  We are here to witness the intrinsic healing capacity within each client.

Parenting Support

We know how much parents love their children and want the best for them. From time to time, parenting can be overwhelming, if not downright hard and confusing.  Because little ones (and teens too!) don't come with a manual, and there exists an overabundance of books on this topic (many of them good), we are here to offer supportive guidance that meets your family‚Äôs individual needs and values.  We are here to explore parenting styles, methods of discipline, limit setting, attachment, and effective styles of communication. We also know how important it is for parents to listen to their instincts and intuition when it comes to raising their children.  Sometimes our inner voice can become clouded with all the well-intentioned advice received or from experiences of childhood that left behind confusion and bewilderment.  We are here to explore childhood issues with parents, heal old wounds,  and move forward with children in loving, safe, and healthy homes.

Graduate Students & Supervisees
If you are a graduate, intern, or practicum student or a newly licensed therapist under supervision, we understand the challenges that can arise from being deeply invested in this amazing helping profession.  There is so much beauty, awareness, and insight gained from helping others reach their full potential!  Sometimes supervisees can experience overwhelming feelings of identification, isolation, and or inadequacy.  At Nourish Play Therapy, we can help you find the right blend of self-care, confidence, and deep personal insight to enhance your personal and professional growth.  Please give us a call if you feel you could benefit from individual or group therapy specially tailored for professional therapists.